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D-Star Corrugated Board Converting Machine

(D-Star Full Vacuum Heat Transfer Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter)


D-Star corrugated board converting machine is composed of 5 parts, which is the sheet feeder, the corrugated box printer, the UV coater & dryer, the die cutter and the central control panel.

D-Star corrugated board converting machine is mainly used for high-definition and high-speed printing, slotting and die cutting on various cardboard. The carton molding is completed in one step to meet the requirements of the majority of carton factory customers.

D-Star Corrugated Board Converting Machine
Workflow of D-Star corrugated board converting machine

The sheet feeder adopts the servo drive and the feed rollers rotate to transfer the cardboard to the flexo printer for printing. After the cardboard reaches the flexo printer, the scraper system distributes the ink on the rubber roller evenly. After that, the rubber roller transfers the ink to the printing plate on the printing roller and the cardboard is transferred stably by vacuum adsorption, then the pattern is accurately printed on the cardboard. Afterwards, the cardboard is transfered to the slotter for slotting or the die cutter for die cutting to meet the customers's requirements in the shape of the carton.

    1. Sheet Feeder
    2. Sheet Feeder The sheet feeder adopts the servo drive to make the feed roller rotates and the cardboard is transported to the corrugated box printer for printing.
    1. Corrugated Box Printer
    2. Corrugated Box Printer The corrugated box printer adopts special double scraper structure to increase the quantity of ink and control the uniformity. The colloid is covered with PTFE...
    1. Corrugated Box Slotter
    2. Corrugated Box Slotter The corrugated box slotter can choose to use single-shaft and single-knife or use double-shaft and double-knife to slot. The knifes before and after are powered by ...
    1. Die Cutter
    2. Die Cutter The die cutter mainly uses the wooden mold to carry on the irregular die cutting to the carton, which makes the shape meets the customer's request.
    1. Central Control Panel
    2. Central Control Panel The central control panel carrys out a remote control to the corrugated box making machine without entering the data into various parts...
Features of D-Star corrugated board converting machine
  • The central dust removal system adopts double dust vacuum transfer suction system, which makes the printed pattern more beautiful.
  • The vacuum transmission box uses the method of partition feeding. Meanwhile, the bottom print shafts and the bellows wheels are all transmitted by ceramic wheels. This way can help lower loss and protect the cardboard from damage and the deliver process is more stable.
  • The ink printing pressure are adjusted by using European special high-rate piston type to avoid mackle problems, which can accurate to 0.015mm.
  • The corrugated box making machine has the function of one-button adjusting machine and spliting reset to zero, which can help remember 999 orders and the remembered oders can be ipmotred to ERP system to save the time of adjusting machine.
  • The corrugated box making machine can automatically wash ink with fast speed in a cycle(3 minutes) and it has ink lacking alarming device with the technology of ink lacking alarming, which can prevent damage to the machine due to the lack of ink while high speed running.
  • The corrugated box making machine has independent console and LED display, which is convenient for mechanical inspection and maintenance.
  • The corrugated box making machine adopts closed double scraper and vacuum transmission system, the dryer adopts infrared, UV and quick drying oven (1350mm 1860mm 2350mm), which enhances the mechanical innovation and practicality.
Model JF0920 JF0924 JF1220 JF1224 JF1228 JF1628 JF1632 JF1636
Max speed (p/min) 250 250 280 250 220 180 160 150
Max feeding size (mm) 900*2100 900*2500 1200*2100 1200*2500 1200*2900 1600*2900 1600*3300 1600*3700
Min feeding size (mm) 280*600 280*600 370*700 370*700 370*700 450*900 450*900 450*900
Skip feeding size (mm) 1200*2050 1200*2500 1600*2100 1600*2500 1600*2900 2000*2900 2000*3300 2000*3700
Max print size (mm) 850*2000 880*2000 1150*2000 1150*2400 1150*2800 1550*2800 1550*3100 1550*3500
Min slotting gap 230*70*230*70 230*70*230*70 230*70*230*70 240*70*240*70 240*70*240*70 280*70*280*70 280*70*280*70 280*70*280*70
Printing plate thickness (mm) 7.2
Board thickness 1.5-12

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