About Us

Dongguan Jiufeng Carton Machinery Co., Ltd. is a pluralistic carton machinery manufacturing company dedicated to carton machine research, production and sales, all while providing top of the line products and one-stop services for customers.

Jiufeng Carton Machinery was established in 1996 as a small start-up, and through hard work, dedication and loyal customers, we now employ more than 50 people, including 10 research and development team members, and 12 science and technology experts to make full use of raw materials and new technologies to ensure the best performance of all products. Jiufeng's plant area has exceeded 10000 m² and includes more than 10 production lines used to produce various products, including a full set of carton equipment such as Hidepack corrugated box making machines (high definition printing, drying, slotting, die cutting and gluing ), D-Star corrugated box making machines (vacuum heat transfer, printing, slotting and die cutting), G5 corrugated box making machine(high speed printing, slotting, and die cutting), servo control system semi-automatic carton stitcher, automatic and semi-automatic rotary slotting creasing machine, large roller printing machine (multi-color), semi-automatic carton gluer, BFY series of blade slitter scorer, and nailing machines. These products are widely used in carton cutting, carton binding, carton printing and color printing.

Jiufeng Carton Machinery has exported products to more than 10 countries in East Africa and Southeast Asia, demonstrating that our high quality products and professional, individualized sales services have earned the trust of our customers and kept them coming back for more.

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