Carton Making Machines

    1. Carton Stitcher
    2. Carton Stitcher The carton stitcher is equpped with dual servo system andtouch screen. The PLC system is from Mitsubishi, Japan. The carton stitcher is suitable for nailing all kinds of corrugated box machine...
    1. Automatic Folder Gluer Machine
    2. Automatic Folder Gluer Machine The automatic folder gluer machine is designed with digital control and auto feeding, enabling it to achieve a high corrugated board handling capacity up to 120-220 pieces/min.
    1. Semi-Automatic Carton Gluer
    2. Semi-Automatic Carton Gluer The carton gluer has the function of automatic counting, the finished products (1-99 sheets) can be set according to the number to convey to the terminal of the conveyor for easy bundling.
    1. Blade Slitter Scorer
    2. Blade Slitter Scorer The blade slitter scorer features the process sequences such as sheet feeding, slitting, prepressing and creasing, and equipped with the lower paper roller, it can thus adapt to a variety of carton's demands of slitting and creasing.
    1. Rotary Slotting and Corner Cutting Machine
    2. Rotary Slotting and Corner Cutting Machine The rotary slotting and corner cutting machine can be used to trim, crease, slot and corner cut. If need, the machine can also add equipment for boring air vents and hand holes of the carton.
    1. Rotary Drum Flexographic Printing Machine
    2. Rotary Drum Flexographic Printing Machine The rotary drum flexographic printing machine uses flat-type electric fine-tuning structure to achieve fast and precise adjustment, running or stopping can be 360 degrees positive and negative phase ...
    1. Flexo Printer Slotter
    2. Flexo Printer Slotter Flexo printer slotter is designed with a chain driven sheet feeder, which can simultaneously perform several operations on 3-layer, 5-layer and 7-layer corrugated cardboard, ...
    1. Semi-Automatic Printer Slotter Machine
    2. Semi-Automatic Printer Slotter Machine The 4 sets of slotting knife could be adjusted simultaneously, which decreases the time of adjusting machine to applicable for different cartons and increases productivity.

Jiufeng company offers corrugated board converting machines, we provide complete corrugated cardboard box machine line, including corrugated cardboard printer, die cutter, slitter and scorer, cardboard folder and gluer. The corrugated cardboard machines we made with plenty of experience since 1996, we are sure to offer customers high quality corrugated carton equipment and corrugated cardboard solutions for customers.

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